Launch Sponsors

During the launch of Climate Confidential, we were pleased to receive the support of five Launch Sponsors, who each gave $5,000 to help our team get up and running. Four generous individuals (Jennifer Tomkins, Joannie Fischer, Maureen Block, and Scott Huffman) and one company (Intel) took a chance on our team and made it possible for us to release stories to other publications.

In exchange for their contribution, we offered our Launch Sponsors:

    • 20 subscriptions to Climate Confidential on Beacon
    • Tickets to quarterly events produced in our first year
    • Thanks on our website and in social media forums

We also invited each of our sponsors to talk with us about what they’d like to see us cover. What big questions did they have? What are they excited about? Intel took us up on the idea and gave us a list of potential themes. We selected our favorite from that list (Smart Cities), then we chose and reported the stories without further input from our sponsor.

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