Climate Confidential began publishing smart, independent reporting on the crossroads of environment and technology in March 2014. It was funded by readers and dedicated to deepening the popular conversation about people, businesses, and society reckoning with climate change. Readers found a mix of original features, columns, and recommended stories on topics ranging from the environmental implications of self-driving cars and the next generation of GMOs to new insights on renewable energy development. In addition to original reporting, Climate Confidential also produced a free weekly newsletter of stories connected to the wider world of environment and technology.

As part of our mission to expand the reach of environmental journalism in a time of historic changes in earth systems, technology, and media, Climate Confidential stories were designed to roam free. Originally released on the subscription-based Beacon platform, Climate Confidential stories have also been published by The Atlantic, Ensia, Scientific American, Modern Farmer, Pacific Standard, Quartz, and many other partners.

The Climate Confidential team shut down this project in early 2016 after two years of learning, evolving, iterating, reporting, and listening. Stories remain collected here as an archive of the work made possible by generous readers and a dedicated group of journalists seeking new models for producing sustainable and independent environmental reporting.

Our Team

Josie Garthwaite is a journalist and editor based in San Francisco. Her writing on science, environment, and technology has appeared in publications including The Atlantic, Discover, National Geographic, The New York Times, Smithsonian, and Wired. She holds a master’s degree from Stanford University’s Graduate Journalism Program. 

Ucilia Wang covers renewable energy and other cleantech sectors for publications such as GigaOm, Forbes, the U.K. Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and MIT Technology Review. She’s out running the rapids in her red river kayak when she’s not chasing down stories.


Amy Westervelt
Celeste LeCompte
Erica Gies
Mary Catherine O’Connor

Launch Sponsors

Jennifer Tomkins
Joannie Fischer
Maureen Block
Scott Huffman

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