For two years starting in early 2014, Climate Confidential was funded by readers and dedicated to deepening the popular conversation about people, businesses, and society reckoning with climate change. This site is maintained as an archive of stories produced as part of that project and a resource for future experiments in independent journalism.

Sharing Our Work

Climate Confidential has made stories available through partnerships and Creative Commons licensing because we want environmental coverage to reach diverse audiences. The Atlantic, Pacific Standard, Quartz, Scientific American, Smithsonian, Modern Farmer, and many others have run our stories.

From the Blog

  • Greg Hanscom

    “In an age when many publications measure success on ‘clickability,’ this is a chance to put my money into deep-diving reporting and more thoughtful work.”

    Greg Hanscom
  • Alexis C. Madrigal

    “They’re a journalistic supergroup who have formed their own subscription news organization…They are all brilliant reporters.”

    Alexis C. Madrigal