The world is a bit broken. We’re telling the stories of promising fixes — and the fixers.

Here at Climate Confidential, we scour the latest research and talk with leading experts to bring you the ideas and innovations that have a real shot at changing our world — and our lives — for the better. We bring you stories of scientists and entrepreneurs who are shaping our future, and communities where environmental issues are playing out.

Climate Confidential contributors

We are a collective of seasoned freelance journalists with a combined 90 years of experience covering environmental issues and technology development for some of the country’s leading newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Smithsonian, The Economist, Wired, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. But more than that, we are a group of storytellers whose talents and interests dovetail at a time and place where rapid changes — from a melting Arctic to a blossoming of renewable energy projects — give our reporting urgency.

Environmental stories you can’t find elsewhere.

You won’t find our stories wrought with drama and hyperbole, as the nod to the Noir genre in our name may imply. Rather, we aim to uncover stories about tech solutions, firebrands, discord, and boondoggles that have until now been lurking in the shadows.

We understand that journalism does not exist without an active, engaged readership, so we are trying a new publishing model fueled by direct support and open communication. Our stories appear in their entirety only on a subscription-based platform called BEACON, which we believe holds promise to connect reporters and readers.

Quarterly offline events, for fun and discussion.

We drop the hardboiled reporter act and add some fun to the mix with quarterly salon events, where we share new stories, offer behind-the-scenes material from our reporting, and mix and mingle over drinks.

Enough about us. Tell us about you!

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